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Artful workshops is a creative service that offers bespoke and friendly workshops for your institution or organisation. I can pack up my ceramic studio and bring it right to your door and set up anywhere that has tables and chairs! 

Workshops can be tailored towards your audience and I am flexible in what we can make, just send me a message with an idea and we can have a little chat about it! These are fun and social workshops for people to relax, have a go at something new and feel good doing so! 

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Current Creative workshops

Ceramics classes for beginners by Leone, from Amber Lion Ceramics.

Amber Lion ceramics creative workshop
Amber Lion ceramics creative workshop

In the past, I have created workshops for B arts, Early Education and Meanwhile space. Last year I visited over 15 Nursery settings making Christmas ceramic decoration and Mother’s Day gifts to help develop children motor skills and explore new materials and textures. The sessions were run over two weeks and the children got to have a go at making and glazing and saw the process from start to finished.

Another workshop was in a care home, it was a relaxed workshop making coiled plant pots with lots of loverly conversations and tea breaks in between. We are looking forward to the chance when I can visit again to decorate these in colourful paint! 

I love ceramics and get joy and peace from making, I want everyone to be able to experience what it is like to sit back and create something with there hands! I try to keep my prices as low as possible as this is something I love and I want to give back to my community but I need to cover all of my costs and time. Prices vary on the number of participants and sessions but these will always be fair. 

I hope to apply for some funding so I can do this even cheaper.

Amber Lion ceramics creative workshop

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