Thank you for your interesting in Amber Lion Ceramics, if you like my style but fancy something a little more unique or personal just fire us a question and we can have a chat about it.

I will only take on commissions that fit in with my style and I think I would be able to do successfully. For example, you would like a bespoke colour, a particular flower adding to a ditsy pot or even a personalised pot.

In the past, I have turned my Christmas reindeers into a Christmas labrador reindeer. Instead of a ditsy pot created a nautical-themed item, a sky themed pot and even a personalised wedding bowl.

Please see images.

Prices are more expensive than the core prices shown. Prices also vary depending on what you are looking for.

For a different colour, it is between £3-5. For example; A purple tealight holder would be £21.50 instead of £17.50.

For a different pattern completely we would need to discuss to work out a quote. Same for if you wanted the object to be personalised.

This option could also be used to buy a large number of items such as wedding favours! or personal gifts for the bridal party.




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