Amber Lion Ceramics

Amber Lion Ceramics 

Hi, I’m Leone!

The human behind Amber Lion Ceramics.

I’m 25, live in Stoke and have a little garage studio which I make from! 

I started Amber Lion Ceramics because I love having beautiful hand made objects in my house and buy locally crafted gifts for my Mum, Aunty and grandma! I studied ceramics at university and in 2019 I bought a kiln and started making little Christmas decorations for myself and family, then it gradually developed from there. I set out with the aim of wanting to make beautiful products that could be easily gifted and wouldn’t break the bank so I developed my range of ditsy candle holders and small plant pots. 

My work is bright, bold and beautiful. I’m heavily inspired by vintage pottery, Ditsy patterns and 60s floral designs, I use these as starting points in my work, but adapt them to create something for the modern home.


Why Amber Lion Ceramics

 What’s in a name?

Well, my name is Leone Amber. I love my name but I didn’t really want my name to be the brand, so a tweaked it a little… Leone means like a Lion, and as simple as that, my brand was created! 


And I like lions. 

Gift Service

 Each item comes boxed and hand wrapped in tissue and twine. You can buy my ceramics as a gift to be shipped directly to the recipient and can even ask me to leave a message in the parcel. 

Missing your daughter who’s just moved to university? No problem send her a mini plant pot to remind her of you and brighten up her space!

Environmental Statement

I am very conscious of waste, as I am making products to put out there into the world. So I don’t create lots of stock, I work in small batches and wait for them to sell. Products may take a little longer because I want to fire my kiln as full as possible each time. Slow and steady to save the planet! 

I’m very lucky that I live in Stoke and source a lot of my materials locally without having to have too many items shipped or travel out of my way to pick them up. 

I ship my wear in conscious materials, such as eco bubble wrap, straw and unbleached recycled tissue paper. Where possibly I recycle everything, even my leftover clay and try to produce as little waste as possible. 


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